Sake – 日本酒

At Ebisu we pride ourselves on offering the best sake available, & for this reason we sell Special-Designation sake sourced from Japan’s finest breweries. Special-Designation sake is made to exacting standards by highly trained brewers who have spent years perfecting their art, & is so diverse that it can be matched with all manner of foods. There are three grades of these premium sakes, which are dictated by how much the rice has been milled before the brewer’s craft begins. The lower the percentage, the more refined the beverage can become. From the delicate & floral daiginjo, through to the heavier & robust junmai & honjo¯zo¯, there is an appropriate sake for every phase of your dining experience.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine – シャンパンとスパークリングワイン

Half Bottles  ハーフ

White – 白ワイン

Red  赤ワイン

Shochu  焼酎

Beer  ビール

Soft Drinks  ソフトドリンク

Tea  お茶